Experience as a NationBuilder Expert

Some jobs are important, some are rewarding. Being an Expert at NationBuilder is both.

When it comes to creating a community that spurs change, NationBuilder is the platform that non-profits, campaigns, advocacy groups, and businesses are quickly adopting to better engage their supporters and convert their prospects. In essence, NationBuilder is the greatest community building platform available to those seeking true change. And while we tip our hats to the users, developers, and organizers, today we shine some light on the NationBuilder Experts.

Experts_Logo.pngExperts are those lucky few to be certified, as NationBuilder website and database building Experts for organizations worldwide. It usually starts off with a User seeking the many benefits of NationBuilder, it definitely is a game changer. When a new Nation needs to be launched, Experts arrive to the scene as computer heroes, some may wear capes, some might not, it's really up to preference. We are the lucky ones, that fuse organizing and technology for our User's great causes. The energizing part is that Users venture countless fields keeping us well engaged, creative, and looking forward to our next project. 

As Experts we work on world changing projects, but our perks are many more. One of the many benefits is the liberty of choosing projects that align with our activist, political, or humanitarian views. For those friends working 8-5s can you imagine choosing your boss and income provider on a day to day basis, well as Experts its our reality. Just as much as a User interviews us we interview them to decide if this is a good match. We hardly come across a client we disapprove of, because NationBuilder Users tend to be true innovators and visionaries with sincere motives to transform our world, but we do enjoy gauging our interest in their missions.

Vital to the success of Users, is the Expert that launches their Nation. We may never receive a section on their page recognizing our contribution, but what matters for us is the small ripple we initiate on a daily basis towards change. For all current Experts you rock and for all those considering it please know you're needed. My name is Lupe Chavez a NationBuilder Expert at www.NationLauncher.com For all organizations seeking a NationBuilder Expert please review http://nationbuilder.com/experts?page=1 and for any individuals interested in getting certified as an Expert please review the process at http://nationbuilder.com/experts_apply

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